“Exactly 330 cm Uneven” explore the language of repetition, the simplicity of reduction, the etymology of single unit-like structures, and a serial methodology of using color belts in the ranking system of martial arts, as “units” to be combined with other units to create building blocks of a system. They explore certain myths of the sport of martial arts: the early martial artists begin their training with a white belt that eventually becomes stained black from accumulated years of sweat and dirt, and the black belt represents not the end but the beginning of true learning. Through monolith-like wall and floor installations, these works also seek to find ambiguity in absolute monolithic forms and systems. The role of the exhibition space also comes into play, revealing and evoking physicality of viewers’ engagement with the artwork and their trace – footprints, wear and tear – in his/her proximal relationship to space and objects and its interpenetration in a continuous, unfixed and constantly evolving equation.

Exactly 330 cm Uneven

2006 - 2008

black martial arts belts